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Research & Development

The Institute is actively involved in collaborative research programmes with international organizations/universities to remain at the forefront of scientific and technological developments and to share this knowledge. A large number of collaborative Research Projects are under operation with Institutes/Organizations of many countries. Major research activities have also been undertaken in the areas of national importance.

In an effort to encourage research and development at grass root level, undergraduate students at the Institute are encouraged to inculcate their activities towards research while pursuing studies. To achieve this, a scheme called Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) was introduced. Under this scheme, students are required to submit the project proposals in association with identified Faculty of the Department/Centre to act as an Administrative Facilitator and a Guide.

Various units within IIT Delhi like Industrial Ressearch & Development Unit (IRD), Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer (FITT), etc, are set up to facilitate Research, Development and Consulting. Faculty and students are actively involved in working on innovating cutitng edge technologies.