Moving from Phase-I to Phase-II : IIT Delhi Campus Placements

The placement season at IIT Delhi commenced in August 2016. In the run-up to placements, students were provided various facilities, training sessions and workshops to help them prepare for the coming season. These include sessions on resume making, communication skills, presentation and interviewing skills, problem-solving and case workshops as well as over 25 mock placement tests. The workshops also touched upon careers in various sectors. The interview processes are conducted in two phases. Phase I started on 1st December whereas Phase II will commence in the 1st week of January and will go on till the end of May 2017.

The first phase of campus interview processes started from December 1, 2016 and saw participation from around 200 companies offering more than 350 job profiles. The pre-interview processes of companies like tests/ group discussions/assignments were conducted starting from the last week of August 2016 itself.

The status of offers received through campus placement processes across profiles is as below:


Around 73% students were placed in the Core jobs (since companies offering Information Technology profiles are core to many streams including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics etc., and companies registered under the Others category include those offering technical profiles).

This year saw the return of PSUs to campuses. Some PSU selection panels visited the campus in December. A few other PSU selection panels are expected to visit the campus in the second phase of placements resuming in January.

There was a surge in international offers this season with over 20 students bagging offers paying over US $100,000 base pay. Over 40 students bagged international offers spanning profiles from the USA, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. However, many students preferred domestic offers over these offers. One trend that was noted was of the consulting sector offering fewer jobs per company on campus this year as compared to last year. Offers from start-ups were even sparser due to a smaller number registering for campus placements. Companies from the Core (Technical) / Information Technology streams have recruited in larger numbers this year.

Company Slotting

While the campus witnessed many companies registering for placements, a few companies could not make it for the final interviews even after registering and conducting pre-processes on the campus. Some reasons cited included changes in company's hiring strategy, urgent last-minute commitments in the company or being disappointed with the interview slot given. Company Slotting is done based on numerous parameters including the job profile offered, growth prospects in the company and sector, reputation/brand of the company on campus, preferences of the students, past relationship/record with IIT Delhi and other IITs etc.

Also, the campus believes that each day of the entire placement season is important. Slotting needs to be done to spread the companies across all days. This is required to reduce the pressure on the students, for better overall management and a beneficial experience for the visiting companies. This is crucial to ensure that students get a fair chance to be interviewed with companies they are shortlisted in and companies also get to select the best available talent. It also tries to minimise cross-offers (some students getting selected in multiple companies while many others are left with no offers).

Student Management System (SMS)

The Training and Placement Unit also used automated systems for tracking students and slotting student interviews this year which helped in better organisation and planning of interview schedules. The mobile application used by the team on Day 1 and Day 2 helped in locating the students in real-time so that slotting was followed smoothly and students did not miss their interview slots. Moreover, strict implementation of the rule of entry of only authorized recruitment team members of the company resulted in a much more efficient and fair recruitment process this year. Better management and the use of technology were appreciated by the visiting companies as well.

Placement Round-Up

Around 65% of Undergraduate pool and around 50% of Graduate pool of the eligible students have already found jobs through campus processes. Around 60% of the total pool has already been placed upto now through campus processes.

More than 300 companies offering 430 different profiles have registered on the Training & Placement portal to participate in campus placements for this year upto now. Many more are expected to register in the coming days. Of the registered companies, 200 Companies visited the campus in the first phase recruiting for over 350 different job profiles. Around half of these profiles had zero selections. Placement cell has requested the companies with no selections especially those who deferred their selection process to visit the campus again in the second phase. Many of them have already accepted the invitation. Hence ample opportunities will be available for the students in coming days and one only needs the power of positive thought and confidence backed by hard work to land into THAT perfect job.