The Mechanical Engineering Dept at IIT Delhi is one of the largest in terms of faculty, students, and activities, continues to lead and expand its activities in various directions. The Department is known for research and projects in robotics, fluid dynamics, heat pumps, cryogenics, nuclear engineering, fracture mechanics, I. C. Engines, Combustion, CFD, CAD-CAM and other areas. Experimental and computational facilities are being continuously upgraded

The department currently has two bachelor programmes namely B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) and B. Tech. (Production & Industrial Engineering). Objective of the undergraduate programme is to prepare the manpower who are globally best. Most of the students who graduate from the department, end up taking leading positions in industry, academia and government in both India and abroad.

Department has four masters programmes namely M. Tech. (Design of Mechanical Equipment), M. Tech. (Industrial Engineering), M. Tech. (Production Engineering) and M. Tech. (Thermal Engineering). Along with other departments, Mechanical Engineering Department was instrumental in starting an interdisciplinary masters programme in Power Generation Technology which is completely sponsored and also meant for industry personnel.

Department also participates in six inter-disciplinary masters programmes run by other departments namely M. Tech. (Construction Technology and Management), M. Tech. (Computer Applications), M. Tech. (Polymer Science & Technology), M. Tech. (Industrial Tribology & Maintenance Engg.) M. Tech. (Energy Studies) and Master of Design.

Department has two research programmes namely M.S. (Research) and Ph.D. Programmes with specializations in the areas of Mechanical Design, Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering and Thermal Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Department collaborates with many national and international institutions and organizations. The notable among them are Boeing Company (USA), KAIST (South Korea), Concordia University (Canada), Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), INSA de Lyon (France), Ohio Sate University (USA), The University of Massachusetts (USA), Several German Universities under DAAD programme and CAPART (India).

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